Wanchese Fish Company, an international seafood harvester headquartered in Suffolk, Virginia, wanted to refresh their brand and improve their site. They were working with food marketing agency Vittles on the re-branding, and Stratum was brought in as a digital partner to build a new website with stronger branding, engaging graphics and a simplified user experience.

Responsive Design

The old Wanchese site was technically mobile-friendly, but there was room for improvement. Stratum designed a mobile/responsive wireframe that didn’t dilute the user experience. By paring down the navigation, we were able to simplify and remove barriers, allowing users to get to the information they wanted (without sacrificing valuable content).

Content Overhaul

Wanchese needed to tell their story. Their brand sells delicious seafood to the foodservice industry and consumers alike, so we made sure that the navigation addressed both audiences. The recipe section is new, and leaves room for mouth-watering photos of easy-to-follow preparations. The About section addresses their rich 80-year history and the Sustainability section demonstrates their commitment to the environment with updated copy and photos.



The biggest thing missing from their old site was product photos. Stratum created custom templates to showcase their diverse offerings and explain why Wanchese seafood is some of the best in the world. Foodies care about the difference between Patagonian Scallops and Sea Scallops. And if you want to weigh the merits of James River oysters versus Bodie Island oysters, well, now you can.



Wanchese Trawl & Supply Company

We learned that the Trawl & Supply Company is a growing division beneath the parent company. We created a special section in the super-navigation that features a rotating photo gallery of some of their merchandise. If they opt to add e-commerce to this section in the future, we have laid groundwork that will make it easy to do so.




An e-newsletter and a social media campaign accompanied the launch of the new site, and traffic increased by 20% in the first two weeks! We continue to monitor their Google Analytics and look forward to watching Wanchese grow.


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