About Stratum

Stratum has historically had the advantage of growing up with the internet. Dave Willman opened up shop in 1997 and went on to build an award-winning business from the ground up, with the goal of helping business owners navigate the ever-changing digital frontier. He and his wife, Tammy Deane, had a strong vision for the future and the determination to make it happen.

Dave passed away in 2015, leaving behind a team of talented marketers and the echoes of his vivid vision.

To this day, we strive to fulfill his goals and make him proud with our hosting, marketing and web development services. We think that’s why many of our original clients have stayed with us all this time, and why we’ve successfully added to that client list along the way.

An accomplished designer, Tammy took ownership of Stratum and now continues the legacy of her husband. In 2016, she tapped marketing veteran Erika Guess to run the company, and the future of Stratum has never looked brighter.

We’re excited about the changes coming our way, and will continue to provide the same excellent services our clients have come to expect, as well as a few new tricks. Along with brand strategy, web & app development, search engine optimization & marketing and pay-per-click advertising we are now offering programmatic ad buying, social media advertising and content strategy.

We’re a small shop, which means we’re hyper-focused on customer service and will go to great lengths to understand and provide for our clients’ unique needs, wants and goals. We’re happy to be consultants or work in tandem with your in-house marketing team and IT departments to conjure fresh, original ideas that will elevate your business to the next level.

Get to know our team and let us bring your business into the digital age with a bang.

Our Team

Erika Guess, President

With nearly 15 years of experience in digital and traditional advertising, Erika’s favorite part of working with the web is the way digital media is constantly evolving and metamorphosing into something new and beautiful. This process continually provides new and exciting opportunities for marketing.

A digital explorer who is perfectly poised to guide both rookies and pros through the modern era of online marketing, Erika’s natural intuition for clients’ goals is matched only by her enthusiasm when it comes to fulfilling a brand’s potential.

She has experience in public relations, project management, B2B & B2C marketing and customer service. Her leadership skills and knack for creative thinking mean she’s a versatile multitasker that we’re thrilled to have in our corner and on our team.

She spends her free time eating tacos, playing with her two gorgeous sons and scouring the farthest reaches of eBay for once-in-a-lifetime fashion finds.

Contact Erika to learn more about the future of your business, and find out how Stratum can help.


Jean Goodwyn, Senior Web Producer

Jean is a former art director who lost a coin toss and became a web developer.

That was 22 years ago and she never looked back. The limitless possibilities of web development proved too tempting and we’re thrilled, because she’s good.

Jean’s unique combination of skills come in handy when she’s laying out websites with an eye on form, function and responsiveness; intuitively streamlining content to flow seamlessly across all platforms, for better user experience and higher conversions.

A true problem-solver, the word “no” isn’t in her vocabulary. She makes the impossible possible on a daily basis and fosters inspiration for each coming day.

She devotes her off-hours to writing, fantasy gaming, and preparing for next Halloween.

Contact Jean if you’re interested in improving the web presence of your business, and find out how Stratum can help.